The list of directors can be seen below.

Dominika Kwasnicka

“Open Digital Health is a platform for scientists and developers to connect and to take their ideas forward.”

Gill ten Hoor

Open Digital Health is all about sharing ideas, content, data – whatever you feel comfortable sharing with other folk who may learn from you

Keegan Knittle

Gjalt-Jorn Peters

Because we are living in a connected world and Open Connected Science is a future of digital health

Olga Perski

For digital health to fulfil its promise of population-level impact on health and wellbeing, we need open and reproducible research and sharing of best practices

Robbert Sanderman

Because none of us wants to spend three or four years working on a health app that will never be downloaded.

Sebastian Potthoff

“Open digital health involves working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve widespread implementation.